Here are some examples of Folks using Traditional BBQ Methods
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Hank's pit Here is a nice collection of photographs detailing the building process of Hank Jarrett's pit in Virginia.
Bob Clarke's pit Follow along with Bob Clarke in his excellent photo journal in building and using his pit in Texas.

Also check out Bob Clarke's other Barbecue Photos.
Dave's Wilber Dave Lineback's "Wilber" pit.  This pit design with it's adjoining burn down furnace,  has become the standard "Dream Pit" of home barbecue enthusiasts wanting to employ traditional techniques.  Follow along as Dave constructs and cooks on "Wilber".  Then does it all over again with "Sidney".
Pic #1
BT Pit1
Pic #2
BT Pit2
Pic #3
BT Pit3
Pic #4
BT Pit4
This is Bill Tolbert's pit in South Carolina.  Bill does not currently have a web site with his photos,  so we will give a brief description here.

Pic #1 is a shot of the pit with the burn down furnace in the background.  A nice detail that is not visible in the photo is a hook that swings out from the furnace wall and holds a pot to cook over/near the live fire.

Pic #2 shows the doors that Bill uses to fire his pit.

Pic #3 with the pig (approx 140#) on the pit shows the relative size of the pit.

Pic #4 showcases the beautiful wood top for Bill's pit.  Which can double as a table top for serving or pulling the pig.

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Brian's pit This is Brian's pit in Virginia.  An ideal pit in the sense that concurs with our low cost and try it before you buy it approach.  Brian's pit is dry stacked so the design can be changed as desired.

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