Links to Traditional Barbecue Info
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SPTSB Mailing List Web page describing the SPTSB's charter.  Near the bottom of this web page is a link to subscribe to the SPTSB mailing list.  The SPTSB mailing list is a low volume, moderated list dedicated to traditional Southern barbecue.

This is the place for traditional barbecue discussion.  Please read charter information before subscribing.

SPTSB = Society for the Preservation of Traditional Southern Barbecue.
The Lexington Collection Dave Lineback's web site about traditional Southern barbecue.  Dave founded the SPTSB mailing list many years ago.  Be sure to check out Lineback's "Barbecue Joints" page on how to conduct a barbecue joint review.  While we don't agree with all of his conclusions,  his "method first" approach should be used by anyone doing a serious analysis of barbecue or a barbecue joint.
Dan Gill Dan Gill's web site.  A must read for anyone interested in a variety of traditional cooking techniques such as curing hams.
Ed Pawlowski A page on Ed's web site that has Bob's thoughts about traditional bbq and a testimonial from someone who visited Bob and experienced first hand traditional whole hog bbq.

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