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The site that puts an end to the great barbecue debates!

Barbecue!  A casual mention of this word in America may induce more passion then any other word.  So passionate are Americans about this food that it divides regions, states and even families.  It's power so great that it broke through every social barrier that has ever existed in the United States.  Millionaires go to great lengths to sit and share this food with peasants.  Jews, Southern Baptists, atheists and homosexuals put aside their differences and come together to share all things barbecue.  And long before integration, blacks and whites often sat side by side eating this food and learning to respect each other.

Barbecue has accomplished what religious, social and political leaders have struggled with since our nation was born.  Barbecue is descendant.  It is transcendent.  It is the most important and relevant cuisine in America.

So passionate are Americans for barbecue,  that they routinely travel great distances and go to great lengths in search of the perfect rendition of this food.  Weekends and business trips are often spent scouring the countryside almost as if trying to find that elusive pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.  Backyard hobbyists spend countless dollars and hours plotting and planning their next attempt in the search for "Barbecue Utopia".  Barbecue contests,  despite being only loosely based on true barbecue,  attract thousands of entrants who believe that they may have found that elusive pot of gold.

But what would it really take to actually create the perfect barbecue?  How would one go about determining this?  Here at Bob in Ga.com we have decided to take on this seemingly impossible task.

Before delving into our search,  we want to make it clear that we do not believe that this quest can be based on personal or currently popular taste preferences.  Taste is subjective and varies far too widely to be included in any serious search.  Also,  we will not address any of the popular regional versions or variations,  including Texas and so-called beef barbecue.  This is because they are likely only mere offspring of what we are ultimately searching for.  We will attempt to give valid reasons why we believe we are on the right track.  We will also attempt to avoid discussing common misconceptions or modern practices that we believe have no legitimate place in barbecue.  We are confident that a savvy reader will be able to determine our opinion of such things for themselves.

Let The Search Begin